How to use this blog

Most of the drawings in this blog I have done on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, using the application Procreate. I come from a traditional art background where my preferred tools were graphite pencils, paper and erasers. But once I was introduced to the iPad and Procreate there was no going back. I keep it simple using a single style brush, sticking to black and white line drawings.

The compact nature of the iPad has let me take my drawing out of the studio. I began drawing people on my commute to work or waiting at airports, etc. Lately I have done much of my drawing in coffeeshops. I find a spot where I can observe people as they talk, read or work. Often I am only a few feet from my subjects, but most are too engrossed in their laptops, phones or in conversation to notice me.

This is not really a “How To Blog” for beginner artists. I am not going to show diagrams of heads with pages filled with noses, eyes and mouths. I want to focus on observational drawing. One of the great features of Procreate is the ability to record and play back drawings. It is amazing to watch a drawing stroke by stroke and see how it happens. I thought that showing my drawings in this manner might be helpful to others interested in drawing from life along with writing about what I was trying to accomplish in the drawing or thoughts on drawing that a particular drawing might illustrate.