The tough man

This fellow was sitting across from me at a Peet’s Coffeeshop. He looked like a tough guy, bearded, and not interacting with anyone around him.  As I was finishing the drawing a woman came through the door with a cute little girl who immediately spotted her daddy and ran up to him, jumping in his lap and proceeded to tell him about her day. He no longed look quite so tough.

Although this isn’t the best beard drawing to use as an example I want to talk about drawing beards. Even though many times you can’t clearly see the jaw and chin line you have to try and draw it in otherwise the beard will look merely pasted on. Look for where the beard conforms to the face for clues, often under the chin or jaw the beard is darker. It is the same as understanding where the skull/head is under the hair so that the underlining structure supports the surface details.

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