The Crazy Man

One early morning, traveling through a rough section of Oakland, this strange man ran into the car and sat down in front of me. He looked crazy. He had no teeth but kept his mouth open like a fish gasping air. His gaunt face with these huge ears and eyes that continually scanned the train car. I had my iPad out and had been drawing so when he sat down I drew as fast I could. He seemed like a trigger ready to go off. At one point he jumped, up turning this way and that, we pulled into a station, the doors opened and he ran out of the car. Whew!

This is a gestural drawing at its best. I drew as fast as I could not stopping for corrections, I just drew. I think his energy and strange features drove my drawing. This may sound melodramatic but I felt his craziness as I drew it. Usually the people I draw are reading, listening to music or enjoying a coffee, it this was exhilarating. 

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